by sambé

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released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


sambé Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Climbing (ft. Franky Fade)
I feel invicible
You cannot touch me now crank up the decibels
Drank from the fountain
I sank to the bottom
And sang to a woman
She said “you’re so sensible”
Feeling incredible
My flow so flexible
Like the Asian kid
I saw at the carnival
I’m on a pedestal
Got you wishing I was invisible
Bitch I ain’t expendable
You think that you can ignore
The one who will win every war
You’ll say you knew me from before
Tryin’ to get our foot in the door
Watch me slam it hard
Like my cards
On the table
I know I’m able
Bitch, you think I need a label
Now watch me fucking blow
Wavy flow
Fuck your halo
Même si j’suis ton patron
Une coupe de homies a vélo
C’est ceux qui combattront
La stagnation artistique
De cette société synthétique
À coup de vibrations acoustiques
Donne-moi dont un diagnostique
Que j’te prescrive
Un pot d’antiinflammatoires
Notre shit est comme un crématoire
J’veux qu’on m’expose à l’oratoire
Si j’crève au bloc opératoire
Mais j’ai comme l’impression qui m’reste une couple d’années en banque
J’espère seulement rester assez longtemps pour trouver c’qui me manque
And I can’t wait ‘till I see the horizon
See the sun rising
When I get on top of the world
My tears dry
But for now I’m only climbing
And with every word
I cover distance
Stay grounded
Can’t go ‘roud it
You’re surrounded
Do you surrender
Were you really
Just a contender
Pas question d’arrêter l’ascension
Ma science est sans faute
Surtout pas d’raison d’accrocher mes crampons
J’écrase les cent autres
Pour atteindre le sommet y’a rien qu’une façon
C’est d’monter la côte
Franky Fade
Stepping out of the shade
Never seen a white boy rap so good since Shady
Face me
Let’s see
Where we
Could be
Quand t’as
Vas y
J’veux ton
Avis Ah
En attendant l’avion
Just late ridin’ Montreal
I wanna be great don’t we all
Waiting for the curtain call
Pour le moment laisses-toi porter
Bouge ton corps
Track Name: Never Fear (ft. Kdeem)
Hook - I'm triple gold plated, hoes made it here,
I spray polish, hoes on us, had to make it clear,
Told her I only want the space between ya breast and ear,
All shades of brown, there's more of em, screaming never fear

Wave - I got here on a double wave, (wavey) they still ain't see him coming,
Here to back these false rappers down, you still believe the frontin,
Don sick of the weather, thinking of leaving London,
I said I'm sick of the better me being something I came up with,
Don sick of the functions, said the scene is dull unless these tickets getting sold, I'm thinking chicks is getting stole, I'm thinking dick is getting swole,
Like my ego all alone,
Still airplane on my phone,
Bitch want a wedding ring on my bone, (nah)

Hook - I'm triple gold plated, hoes made it here,
I spray polish, hoes on us, had to make it clear,
Told her I only want the space between ya breast and ear,
All shades of brown, there's more of em, screaming never fear

Verse - 23 years and still gotta do what I gotta do,
I know graduates turned prostitutes,
I seen money replace morals and confidence change attributes,
Gotta catch em all like ash would do,

I know that you’re lonely and you’re too proud to say so,
Them Instagram likes, yeah they ain't low, and these nights there ain't a place that we can't go,
Is the shit that go in the petrol tank rolled,
She staring at the bankroll and all this smoke,
She like a breathing piece of art, shame she got no hope,
Shame she got no chance, but she got that arch,

Verse - passion doesn't live here, just excess curves and a willing mind,
Heart is a horror movie, that nigga died,
I want a solid count of women that love to see niggas fly,
Instead of asking niggas why they are themselves instead of hype.
Track Name: Blurry Vision Wisdom (ft. Franky Fade)
La tête basse, les yeux vides
Yeah sois un peu moins rigide
Le kid est back pour te dire de ligthen up
Buckle up
Bottoms up
Si t’embarques, j’te garantis qu’on double up
Y’a trop d’choses qu’on peut pas contrôler
So let’s keep on strolling
Smoke un Trudeau, dis-moi donc who’s rolling
The next one
My flow and inflections
Will guide you through the fog
No need for directions
Pis si tu feel ill
No need to take a pill
Keep it real
Prend ta place comme avec drum fill
Pis si t’as trop d’bills
Just know you’re worth a mil
Keep grinding until you get paid then watch it spill
Mais pour le moment comment tu vas get by?
Get high c’est ben fly
Mais tout seul ça get dry ben vite
So j’tinvite à t’joindre à nous
On va où
Here’s a clue
Paraît que là-bas le monde est toujours flou
So let’s glide
Grab my hand
Imma be your guide
Steady moving to the rhythm of the tides
And you don’t have to feel stressed out
I want you to feel blessed, ah
And in the morning we can sail
Out to sea and leave a trail
So our friends can come and hail
sippin’ from the Holy Grail
Let’s act like the world is our kingdom
And rule with a blurry vision wisdom
Don’t worry ‘bout the mail
Or the number on that scale
There ain’t no way this plan fails
Now won’t you throw away that veil
And feel the sun shining down on ya
So tu stress t’as d’la misère à joindre les deux boutes
Short dress en file pour le club te viens un doute
What if that lifestyle of yours avait ses limites
Ta homegirl on all fours pis toi tu l’imites
Now I ain’t saying there’s anything wrong with that behavior
I just thought I’d tell ya
Fill ya in on some of the possibilities that
You could achieve if you were sailing other seas
Maybe you should seize one
Ease one
Pain at a time
Vain if you try
To fix it all yourself
La seule façon c’est qu’tailles
Une couple de gros bonnets by your side
Yeah you know we got your back on a pas peur de s’salir
Salé sucré n’importe quelle saveur
Si t’as l’impression d’être dans une prise d’otage c’est moi ton sauveur
So prend ton gilet de sauvetage vas-y saute à l’eau
No reason to be feeling low